The Sloshed Slotcar Racing Co

The slotcar racing is not too serious here, just a hobby that has got out of hand! We race 4-lane Tomy AFX tracks up to 200 feet running length, either in the local pub hall or at home after the pub closes! The home tracks are now a thing of the past since the house has been refurbished, and  we now meet at a local sailing club. This has the added bonus of a bar, the downside is that tracks have to be built and dismantled on the same day, but with the help of enthusiastic friends it works well.

We race Micro Scalextric, Tomy and Tyco F1 and Group C Le Mans cars...... Super G+ AC Cobra Daytona’s take some beating! Now I have six Wizard  Storm cars, modern technology, they beat the rest. We usualy race Tomy Super G+ chassis as they are cheaper to replace than the Wizzard Storms and until racers bring their own cars and stop using mine, that is the way it will stay! ;-)

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